Kinetic K48020 F-5A FREEDOM FIGHTER "F-5A / CF-5A / NF-5A"

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First flying in 1959 and entering service in the 1960s, the F-5 Freedom Fighter was designed as a lightweight, low-cost jet fighter and ground attack aircraft.

The F-5 Freedom Fighter was exported widely via the U.S. Military Assistance Programme (MAP) to countries including Iran, South Koream the Philippines, Turkey, Greece and Taiwan. It was a fast and capable aircraft with a top speed of Mach 1.4, but was ideal for small air forces as it was cheap and easy to maintain.

Canada undertook local production of the Freedom Fighter as the CF-5A. In addition to local use, Canada sold the CF-5A to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Zestien uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 59-4989, U.S.Air Force, 3rd production of F-5A prototype. Used for operational test. Now Exhibition at National Museum of the U.S.Air Force.
  • 63-8381, U.S.Air Force, Before its delivery to its contractor, Greece, training was done in 4441st Combat Crew Training School (CCTS) at Williams Air Force Base, Wearing USAF TAC marking.
  • 63-8381, U.S.Air Force, The delivery to Greece was not made until 1988; it was flown by Kelly Air Force Base for the period.
  • Canadian Armed Forces CF-116 116757/116727, 1995. 116757 is stored in Canada warplane heritage, wearing its last camoflage scheme at its retirement, 1995.
  • Canadian Armed Forces CF-116 116763 , No.434 "Bluenose" Squadron, in aggressor scheme, 1988. Retired and on exhibition at Canada Aviation and Space museum, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Candian Armed Forces CF-116, No.434 "Bluenose" Squadron, 1979.
  • Netherland Air Force Klu NF-5A, 315 Squadron, 1979.
  • Netherland Air Force Klu NF-5A, 315 Squadron, 1985.
  • Royal Norwaygian Airforce F-5A, Acrobatic team "Flying Jokers", 336 Squadron, International Air Tattoo, RAF Faiford, 1977.
  • Royal Norwaygian Air Force F-5A, 334 Squadron, Bodo, 1969.
  • Greek Air Force F-5A, 341st Arrow" Squadron, 1992.
  • Greek Air Force F-5A, 341st "Arrow" Squadron, 1998.
  • Greek Air Force F-5A, 341st "Arrow" Squadron, 1993.
  • Greek Air Force NF-5A, 349th "Kronos" Squadron, 1993.
  • Greek Air Force NF-5A, 343rd "Star" Squadron, 1998.
  • South Vietnamese Ai r Force, 23rd Wing, 522nd Squadron, 1969.

Aantal onderdelen; 150+

  • Lang; 298 mm.
  • Spanwijdte; 160 mm.
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