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                                '' LA-5FN '' 

The aircraft La-5FN - the improved version of fighter La-5. At creation of this airplane designers realized all actions on improvement of aerodynamics, recommended TsAGI on the basis of extensive researches in wind tunnels, have reduced a structure weight and have put new more high-power motor M-82FN (since 1944, ASh-82FN). The La- 5FN, perfectly kept in a steep turn and had not only high speed and a rate of climb, but also extremely good manoeuvrable data. The La-5FN have got on front in the summer of 1943 and participated in battle on the Kursk arc. Air fights have shown the superiority of La-5FN over the best modifications of German fighters. On the fighting capacity of La-5FN in 1943 became the strongest fighter of air fight on the Soviet-German front. It is possible to note N.Kozheduba's who has gained on the La-5 of 45 victories the most productive Soviet expert. In total, the fighters La-5 in different modifications were built in quantity 10003 during 1942-1944.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Hero of the Soviet Union Captain Vilaliy Popkov (41 Victories) 5th Guard Fighter Regiment, 11th Fighter Division. 1st Ukrainian Front, autumn 1944.
  • Hero of the Soviet Union senior lieutenant George Baevsky 1st Guard Fighter Regiment.
  • Junior Lieutenant Sergey Kramarenko 19th Fighter Regiment, spring 1944.

Aantal onderdelen; 110

  • Lengte 180 mm.
  • Spanwijdte 200 mm.

Model Master en Humbrol verf No;

  • 1550 Flat Red                HB.60
  • 1721 Medium Grey         HB.145
  • 1731 Aircraft Grey        
  • 1749 Flat Black               HB.33
  • 1768 Flat White              HB.34
  • 1780 Steel
  • 1785 Rust                       HB.113
  • 1795 Gun Metal               HB.53

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Zvezda 4801 LA-5 FN

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