Airfix A03026 Hawk T.1 RED ARROWS

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The H.S.1182 Hawk is one of the few modern jet aircraft to have been ordered into production ` from the drawing board `, the first few Hawks produced acting as development aircraft for the initial order of 175 for the Royal Air Force. The two-seat Hawk first flew on 21 August 1974 and deliveries to No.4 Flying Trainning School at RAF Valley began in late 1976, replacing the H.S.Gnat trainers. conceived for the dual roles of advanced pilot training and tactical weapons training, it isa tribute to the basic design that very few external modifications to the aircraft were ever required . The camouflaged armed Hawk T.1s that entered service with the Tactical Weopns Units of RAF Brawdy and RAF Chivenor allowed the venerable Hunters to be retired from that role. This armed version carries 30mm Aden gun pod under the fuslage, togehter with rocket pods or bombs and fuel tanks underwing. 1980 saw the world famous RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team replacing their bright red Gnats with similary painted Hawk T.1s, wich they have used ever since to enthral millions of people with their breathtaking displays. Such was the reliability and exellence of the Hawks that in mid - 1980s a new armed version entered service with the TWU - the T.1A. Itss additional pair of AIM-9L Sidewinder carried under the inner wing pylons allowed it to take on a new role ,that of localised air defence to deal with any hostile aircraft that might evade front line defences in the event of war. It is not surprising that there have been many export orders fot both training and operational single Hawk and two sea Hawks, the major succes being the BAe McDonnel Douglas T-45A Goshawk carrier jet trainer for the US Navy. Britain`s most succesful jet Aircraft has a bright future. 

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A: RAF Central Flying School 'Red Arrows' team, Scampton, 1995 .

  • Versie B : No.74(reserve)Squadron,nr.4 Flying Training School, Valley, 1995 .
  • Versie C: No.208(reserve)Squadron,nr.4 Flying Training School, Valley, 1995. 

Aantal onderdelen: 93

Verftabel voor deze bouwdoos van : Humbrol , model Master , Revell
Versie A / B / C
  • 11 Metallic Silver            = MM1780    / REV90
  • 27 Matt Sea Grey
  • 33 Matt Black                 = MM1749   / REV 8 
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal       = MM1795
  • 56 Metallic Aluminium      = MM1781  / REV99 
  • 61 Matt Flesh                  = MM1516  / REV35
  • 85 Satin Coal Black          = MM2735  / REV 9 , 302
  • 86 Matt Olive Green
  • 103 Matt Cream
  • 147 Matt Light Grey          = MM1732
  • 165 Satin Medium Grey
  • 166 Satin Light Grey
Versie A
  • 35 Gloss Varnish             = MM1561     / REV 1
  • 130 Satin White              = MM1596     / REV301
  • 174 Matt Signal Red        = MM2724
Versie B
  • 130 Satin White              = MM1596     / REV301
  • 167 Satin RAF Barley Grey
Versie C 
  • 21 Gloss Black                = MM1747     / REV21


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Airfix A03026 Hawk T.1 RED ARROWS

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