Academy 1681 F-86E SABRE "EL DIABLO"

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            F-86E SABRE "EL DIABLO" 

North American developed a derivative version of the USN's straight-wing FJ-1 Fury concept for the Army Air Force. This initial version, dubbed XP-86, was approved in May 1945. Due to the disappointing results in the straight-winged design, and North American's access to Messerschmitt design data after the end of the war, the straight-winged Sabre and Fury were scrapped in favor of a swept design. This redesigned prototype, the YP-86 first flew in October 1947.

The first production version, the F-86A, entered combat when the 4th Fighter Interceptor Group deployed to theater in November 1950. The following day, one of the 4 FIG Sabres scored its first MiG-15 kill. As more aircraft and trained crews became available, the Sabre was able to re-capture and maintain air superiority over the Korean skies.

The F-86E Sabre was actually the second production version of the Sabre following the F-86A. The F-86E incorporated many improvements over its predecessor including the more powerful J47-GE-13 engine rated at 5,200 lb of thrust, a 'flying tail' which provided greater pitch authority, and two underwing pylons for external fuel, bombs or rockets. The F-86E was produced in larger numbers than any other version of the Korean War Sabre.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • F-86E-10 (S/N 51-2800) El Diablo, Capt. (later Maj.) Charles D. "Chuck" Owens, 336th FIS / 4th FIW, Korea, 1952.
  • F-86E-10 (S/N 51-2834) Jolley Roger, Capt.Clifford D.Jolley, 335th FIS / 4th FIW, Korea, 1952.
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