Airfix A04041 TORNADO GR.4/4A

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The multi-role Panavia Tornado is a twin-engined two seat supersonic combat jet capable of fulfilling six major requirements; these are (a)close air combat (b) counter air strike (c) air superiority (d) air defence , (e) maritime strike (f) recconaissance . The IDS version was the first to enter service in 1979 with the Royal Air Force (as Tornado GR.1) ,German Air Force and Navy and the Italian Air Force. By 1990, the RAF had nine operational Squadrons of GR.1`s and two squadrons of the recconaissance GR.1A`s ,ak large number of these Tornados providing the backbone of the RAF contribution to Operation '' Desert Storm '' in early 1991. The GR4/4A is the RAF`s latest modified version of the orginal GR1/1A. The aircraft has undergone a Mid Life Updat (MLU) with enhanced avionics an a new Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) system. This is housed in a new fairing located under the front port side of the fuselage and has required the removal of one of the 27mm cannon. with a max. weapon load of 8.165kg the Tornado GR4/4A has built-in armament comprising one 27mm cannon in the nose. 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A : No.IX(B) Squadron, RAF Marham, UK, Maart 2004.
  • Versie B : No.13 squadron,RAF Marham, UK, April 2004 

onderdelen: 162

Verf Tabel voor deze bouw van Humbrol , model Master , Revell

  • 11 Metallic Silver            = MM1780   / REV90
  • 24 Matt Trainer Yellow     = MM1569
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal      = MM1795
  • 61 Matt Flesh                 = MM1516  / REV35
  • 70 Matt Brick Red
  • 71 Satin Oak                  =              / REV314
  • 85 Satin Coal Black         = MM2735  / REV   9  , 302 
  • 86 Matt Light Olive
  • 127 Satin US Ghost Grey  = MM1428
  • 130 Satin White              = MM1596  / REV301 
  • 147 Matt Light Grey         = MM1732
  • 156 Satin Dark  Grey
  • 163 Satin Dark Green
  • 164 Satin Dark Sea Grey
  • 171 Metallic Antique Bronze
  • 186 Matt Brown                 = MM1701 / REV381 

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Airfix A04041 TORNADO GR.4/4A

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