Azur A052 Koolhoven FK-58C.1 G&R Engine.

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Developed by a Dutch company in 1938 called strange phase, wooden wing to the fuselage fabric covering the structure of the steel pipe
Solitary fighter, Nomuronu 14N engine (1080 hp) with model types.
 Despite the urgent need to deploy to the French Air Force is employed, busy too late to deliver only 11 production aircraft
Aircraft was

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  • Koolhoven FK-58, no.11, flight of anti-aircraft defense - patrouille D.A.T. (Polish), Armée de I'Air, Clermont-Aulnat, June 1940.
  • Koolhoven FK-58, no.6, serial no.5813, PH-AVL, Waalhaven Luchtvaart Afdeling (Airforce), Holland, second half 1939.


  • Included Etched Parts
  • Resin parts accessories
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Azur A052 Koolhoven FK-58C.1 G&R Engine.

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