Italeri 118 Waco GC-4A Glider Hadrian

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The CG 4 glider was built for the US Army during the Second World War to equip troops with an air transport solution that would be easy to produce and cost little, seeing as they were expected to be abandoned after landing. Over 12,000 Waco gliders were made and saw action in all major allied offensives in both European and Pacific theatres. Normally towed by a C-47 Dakota or C- 46 Commando, it could transport 15 fully equipped troops.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • 2 × U.S.A.A.F
  • 1 × RAF   


  • Lang 200mm

Aantal ondedelen: 144

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Italeri 118 Waco GC-4A Glider Hadrian

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