Italeri 1237 Vought A-7D Corsair II

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The LTV A-7 Corsiar is a carrier-based subsonic light attack aircraft introduced to replace the US Navy's A-4 Skyhawk, initially entering service during the Vietnam War. The Corsair II was later adopted by the USAF, to include the ANG, to replace the A-1 Skyraider, F-100 Super Sabre and F-105 Thunderchief. The aircraft was also exported to Greece in the 1970s, and Portugal and Thailand in the late 1980s. The A-7 airframe design was based on the successful supersonic Vought F-8 Crusader. It was one of the first combat aircraft to feature a head-up-display (HUD), an inertial navigation system (INS), and a turbofan engine.

Version built for the USAF, with one Allison TF41-A-1 turbofan, and a single 20 mm M61 Vulcan gatling cannon; AN/APN-153 navigational radar in earlier models is replaced by AN/APN-185 navigational radar, AN/APQ-116 terrain following radar in earlier A-7B/C is replaced by AN/APQ-126 terrain following radar; 459 built.

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  • USAF; 355th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 354th Tactical Fighter Wing, Myrtle Beach AFB - 1972.
  • USAF; 125th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 138th Tactical Fighter Group, Oklahoma Air National Guard, Tulsa Air Base - 1990.
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Italeri 1237 Vought A-7D Corsair II

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