Italeri 1277 X/YB-35 FLYING WING

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The idea of a flying wing was designed by John Northrop in the 1930s with a series of flying models. The project which would result in the XB-35 was confirmed thanks to a request for a very long range bomber by the USAAF. It was a very complex project and the first prototype took flight only after the war was over, on June 25, 1946. By this time the number of orders had already been reduced and only two XB-35s and one YB-35 were constructed, while others were converted to reaction motors. Not withstanding several promising characteristics, the formula unfortunately had several serious limitations, and it was decided to concentrate with the construction of the more conventional B-36s. Years later, thanks to advances in the field of computer technology, the flying wings would become successful with the Northrop B-2, whose wing span is practically identical to that of the XB-35.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • YB-35, 1950
  • XB-35, 1947 

Aantal onderdelen: 46 


  • Lengte 228 mm 
  • Spanwijdte 718 mm

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Italeri 1277 X/YB-35 FLYING WING

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