Italeri 1263 Fiat CR.42 AS

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Based on the earlier C.R. 32, which obtained remarkable results during the Spanish War, the C.R. 42 was made entirely of metal and had a A.74 engine of 840 HP. 200 aircraft denominated Falco were ordered immediately by the Aeronautics division and were used during the initial phases of the Second World War. It was also very successful, commercially speaking and was indeed exported to Sweden, Belgium and Hungary.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 387 Squadriglia. 158 Stormo d'Assalto, Lybia, August 1942.
  • Scuola Caccia Assalto, Ravenna, April 1942.
  • 20 Squadriglia. 46 gruppo, 15 Stormo d'Assalto, El Adem, North Africa, October 1942.
  • 15 Stormo d'Assalto, Barce, North Africa, October 1942.

Aantal onderdelen: 89 


  • Lengte 110mm

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Italeri 1263 Fiat CR.42 AS

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