Italeri 1271 F-16A Fighting Falcon

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F-16 is the word's most widely used combat aircraft of to day. About 2000 units are in service with the Air Forces of 18 nations. Thanks to its versatility the aircraft covers the roles of a fighter and attack aircraft as well as reconnaissance plane. The standardization enables the Air Force to use one single prototype and thus save costs in training and maintenance.

Zes uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Luchtmacht (Klu), 323 Squadron, 50th Anniversary, May 2000.
  • Fuerza Aérea venezolana - Grupo A?reo de Caza 16 Al libertador Air Base, maracay - Palo Negro (Venezuala), 2005.
  • Aeronautica Militare italiana, 23 Gruppo, 5 Storme, Cervia (Italy) 2005.
  • Aeronautica Militare Italiana, 18 Gruppo, 37 Stormo, Trapani (Italy), 2005.
  • U.S. Air Force, Texas A.N.G., 111th FIS, 147th FIG.
  • Belgische Luchtmacht/Force Aerienne Belge, 1ére escadrille/1ste Smaldeel - Florennes (Belgium), 2004.

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  • Lengte 386 mm.

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Italeri 1271 F-16A Fighting Falcon

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