MPM 72513 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I

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             '' Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I '' 

In responce to a British Air Ministry requiment the compagny Boulton & Paul produced their P.82 deal desighn in 1935. The aircraft was to replace the turret version of the Hawker Demon wich was then in service with the RAF. By the time the prototype aircraft was completed the compagny aircraft division had moved from Norwich to Wolverhampton and been rename Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd. The prototype first took the air on 11 August 1935, later being named Defiant. the Defiant MK.I entered service with 264 Squadron of the RAF in late 1939 and saw action over the Hague an Dunkirk in May 1940. Once the Battle of Brittain begun, 141 Squadron joined 264 Squadron to become the second daytime fighter unit to be equipped with the Defiant. Transferring go to the night-fighter role.  At the end of the year the Defaints squadrons archieved the high number of kills per interception of any of the night-fighting units. Over 700 Defiant MK.I airframes were built with 150 of them converted to T.III configuration for use by many army and navy units for gunnery trainning.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A: nr.1572:KO-I, RAF nr.2 Squadron, August 1940. 
  • Versie B : nr.1535:PS-A, RAF nr.264 Squadron, May/June 1940, pilot  S/Ldr.P.A.Hunter, DSO/gunner Sgt.F.H.King, DFM.
  • Versie C: nr.1801:PS-Y, nr.264 Squadron, Biggin Hill, early 1941, pilot  P/OF.Hughes/gunner Sgt.F.Gash.

aantal onderdelen: 66

Humbrol verf nr:

Versie A , B & C

  •  33 Matt Black 
  •  53 Metallic gunmetal 
  •  70 Matt Brick Red
  •  78 Matt Cockpit Green
  • 154 Matt Insignia Yellow
  • 191 Metallic Chrome Silver

Versie A:

  • 23 Matt Duck Egg Bleu
  • 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  • 33 Matt Black

Versie B:

  • 23 Matt Bleu Egg Bleu
  • 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  • 33 Matt Black
  • 34 Matt White

Versie C

  • 33 Matt Black

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