REV04186 Sopwith TRIPLANE

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The Sopwith Triplane was a British single seat fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company during the first Wolrd War. Pilots nicknamed it the Tripehound or simply the Tripe. The Triplane became operational with the Royal Naval Air Service in early 1917 and was immediately successful. The Triplane was nevertheless built in comparatively small numbers and was withdrawn from active service as Sopwith Camels arrived in the latter half of 1917. Surviving aircraft continued to serve as operational trainers until the end of the war.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • N5493 "BLYMP", No.8 Squadron, Royal Naval Air servies, St-Eloi, France, May-July 1917.

Aantal onderdelen; 23.

  • Lengte 83 mm 
  • Spanwijdte 113 mm.
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REV04186 Sopwith TRIPLANE

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