Tamiya 60758 A-129 MANGUSTA

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The Italian Army received 60 A129s beginning in 1990, and has been the only operator. In January 2002, Agusta/Westland was awarded a contract to upgrade the first 45 A129A version to the multi-role A129 CBT standard. The first A129CBTs were delivered in October 2002. By 2007, the Italian Army had 45 A129A and 15 A129CBT helicopters. In Italian service, the Mangusta has successfully deployed with UN missions to the Republic of Macedonia, Somalia and Angola. In Somalia, during the battle called of "Checkpoint Pasta" (because it was near an abandoned pasta factory), an A129 launched a single TOW missile which hit a vehicle carrying Somali insurgents, killing several. It equips the 5th AVES Regiment "Rigel" (based at Casarsa della Delizia, Friuli) and the 7º AVES Rgt. "Vega" (based in Rimini), part of the Friuli Air Assault Brigade. Three helicopters were deployed in Iraq to provide air support for the Italian forces in Nassiriya. Several A129s have been stationed in Afghanistan, supporting Italian Army forces during combat in the region Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk; •ITALIAN ARMY AVIATION - CAE - VITERBO, 1998. •ITALIAN ARMY AVIATION - 7th "VEGA" - CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA, 1998. Afmeting: •Lang: 170 mm •Rotor diameter; 165 mm

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Tamiya 60758 A-129 MANGUSTA

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