REV07406 Kenworth Dump Truck

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For streets, canals, houses or bridges, everywhere that is built up, great piles of sand, gravel, stone or asphalt will often be needed. These so-called bulk goods will be transported by lorries with special bodies. Names such as three-way tipper, rear tipper or dump truck are the best known in these parts. In the USA a dump truck or dumper is also a tipper, but which only tips out or empties the transported materials at the back. Many different manufacturers of body superstructures supply dumper bodies for multiple-axle lorry chassis made by the firms Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner or Kenworth. Most of the dumpers are made of aluminium and, how could it be otherwise in the land of unlimited possibilities, naturally they are attractively painted or all in chrome. The Kenworth W900 with chrome superstructure presents itself in its "finest Sunday suit", made by Truckweld of Oregon, USA. As far construction vehicles of this kind are concerned in the USA one finds innumerable types of design and construction.

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  • 331 mm lang.


  • Detailed six-wheeled chassis
  • Multi-part eight-cylinder engine with many details
  • Movable bonnet
  • Driver's cab with detailed dashboard and seats
  • Detailed auxiliary frame
  • Tippable chrome-finished body with movable tailgate
  • Four-stage hydraulic cylinder
  • 10 rubber tyres with detailed tread
  • Rotating wheels
  • Many chrome parts, including wheel rims and tanks
  • Multi-piece decals with US markings

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REV07406 Kenworth Dump Truck

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