REV07496 DAF XF 105 Space Cab Truck

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The largest model in the current XF series was launched in 2005. The design modifications made to its predecessor include the lamp clusters in the bumper and the radiator grill that now extends to the bumper to ensure improved engine cooling.

The Paccar MX engine used was also newly developed by DAF. This 6-cylinders-in-line turbo-diesel engine with a capacity of 12.9 litres and charge-air intercooling is available to potential customers in three versions with maximum capacities of 410 to 510 bhp. According to requirements, the XF105 is available with a 16-speed manual or AS Tronic automatic gearbox also suppliedby ZF.
The Space Cab cabin of the "Truck of the Year 2007" with a height of just 1.75 m from the engine compartment and a length of 2.25 m offers a luxuriously designed work space.

The two roomy bunks, effective use of space, 800 litre cargo volume and attractive materials in the interior are equally persuasive. The interior, which thanks to its large windscreen is clearly visible on the model, is designed to suit the requirements of the driver and guarantees an excellently equipped workplace. Like the original, the model also has two beds. The 158-piece model kit offers large cabin parts, a frame with many engraved features and a sheet of decals for two different versions of decoration. 

afmeting; Lengte .261 mm .

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  • Detailed frame body with many accessories
  • 2-axle chassis
  • Detailed driver's cab with interior fittings
  • Authentic front grill
  • 7 tyres
  • Rotating wheels with authentic rims
  • Spare wheel plus bracket
  • Side covers
  • Roof spoiler
  • Wing mirrors and windscreen wipers
  • Two variants to paint and two versions of decals
  • True-to-original decals with registrations for various countries (D, I, NL, A, GB, F, E, CH, B, S)

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REV07496 DAF XF 105 Space Cab Truck

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