RED Box 72021 SIKHS Boxer Rebellion 1900

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                   SIKHS Boxer Rebellion 1900

As the 19th century drew to a close the situation in China greatly alarmed the western powers. Since her humiliating defeat by Japan in 1895 China was becoming increasingly anti-foreigner, and not without reason. When full scale fighting broke out in 1900 the western powers sought to send more troops to China, and for Britain, with large numbers already heavily involved in Southern Africa, India was an obvious and relatively convenient source. There were no Indian troops involved in the siege of Peking, but around 1,500 Indian infantry formed part of the relief force that ultimately raised that siege.

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  • 48 Sikhs soldaten in 12 verschilende standen


  • Lengte 21.5mm 


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RED Box 72021 SIKHS Boxer Rebellion 1900

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