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 "1810 - 1815".

These figures to be for the period 1810-1815, but this seems to be a randomly selected era which has little to do with the actual figures. They all wear the shako, introduced in 1807, and a long tailed open habite-veste which was worn until the Bardin closed lapel model in 1813. They also have gaiters to above the knee, which again disappeared in 1813, so for the figures a period of 1807-13 is more accurate. Curiously all are in full dress, with full shako ornaments and no sign of campaign trousers, and they also wear the fringed epaulettes, which were not officially sanctioned but do seem to have been worn. The extent to which full dress was worn in battle is a subject for eternal discussion, but we were surprised to see it modelled here.

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