Zvezda 8045 Russian Guard Heavy Artillery "1812 - 1814"

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Russia maintained a strong artillery arm throughout the Napoleonic Wars, and frequently fielded more guns per thousand men than their opponents. Following the example of the French, Russia had conducted a review of their guns and by 1805 had decided on a limited number of standardised designs, so by 1812 – the year for which this set is aimed – the artillery was numerous and well equipped, although not always utilised to best effect.

One of the differences between the first set and this one is that this is of Guard artillery. The only actual difference this makes is in the uniform of the gunners, which has the Romanov double-headed eagle badge on the shako and the cartridge pouch. Other than that these men wear standard artillery uniform, with the 1812-pattern shako being the most obvious feature that dates them. In all respects the uniform is correctly done and very well detailed.

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Zvezda 8045 Russian Guard Heavy Artillery "1812 - 1814"

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