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As part of the many medieval Japanese game sets Zvezda are making, this one of commanders makes perfect sense. Every game army needs a command structure, and this small set provides a mounted commander and three dismounted. If the dress of a samurai could reflect the taste and wealth of its owner that that applied all the more to nobles and senior commanders, but everything here is authentic. All wear armour of course, although two of the foot figures also wear the jinbaori surcoat, which went over the armour and was, on occasion, worn into battle. Just about always seen in battle would be a helmet of some description, and those here are magnificent, as they were supposed to be. Those of the middle figure in the top row and the mounted man are splendid but fairly conventional, while the first figure wears a Ichinotani helmet with a dramatic swept piece and the third man wears a helmet shaped like the stiffened cloth eboshi cap, which in fact it could actually be. All have their swords of course, and two have forms of war fans, which is fine. The horse too is excellent,

Set bevat;

  • 4 Samurai Bevelhebbers
  • kaarten set voor war game spel
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