Airfix A14101 AgustaWestland MERLIN HC3

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The AgustaWestland Merlin HC3 is the RAF version of the AW101 medium-lift helicopter. Powered by three 2,312shp RTM322-01 turboshaft engines, the Merlin HC3 can lift a payload of up to 5,433kg, including up to 24 troops or a variety of vehicles and equipment. The Merlin airframe incorporates many advanced technologies, such as BERP composite rotor blades for increased lift and efficiency, and ACSR vibration control systems to ensure a smooth ride and reduced airframe stress. The Merlin HC3 first saw operational service in the Balkans in 2003, and served in Iraq during Operation Telic until July 2009.

From 2010, after being fitted with Kevlar ballistic armour, Merlin HC3 helicopters operated in Afghanistan supporting Operation Herrick, transporting troops, ammunition and other essential supplies to the front line of the conflict.

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • ZJ138/X No.28(AC) Squadron, 1419 Flight, Joint Helicopter Force (Afganistan), Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, 2010.
  • ZJ124/H Flown by Kevin DFC, Incident Respnse Team (IRT), Joint Helicopter Force (Iraq), Operation TELIC, Basrah, Iraq, March 26th, 2008.
  • ZJ118/B, No28(AC)/78 Squadron, Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA), UK, April 2012.
  • ZJ133/R "Splat!" No.28 Squadron.
  • ZJ126/K No.28/78 Squadron, Royal Air Force Benson, UK, November 2011. Aircraft carries the serial and codes of Halifax Mk.II - LV905/EY-W "Willie", No.78 Squadron, that crashed at Hank, Holland, 25th May 1944.


  • Lang; 407 mm.
  • Lang incl.rotor; 475 mm. 
  • Breed incl.rotor; 387 mm.

Aantal onder delen; 335
Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 11 / 12 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 33 / 53 / 54 / 55 / 56 / 64 / 70 / 74 / 79 / 85 / 86 / 116 / 127 / 130 / 163 / 196.

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Airfix A14101 AgustaWestland MERLIN HC3

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