HBB87224 AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopter

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                        AH-1F Cobra

The AH-1 Cobra is an Armed attack helicopter Design by Bell. It is a two bunch seat,two-blade main rotor,long fuselage with a twin short wing in middle. First flight in 7 September 1965, and come into service in june 1967, name as "HueyCobra", and late it came into widespread use in Vietnam in the Sixties. In Vietnam AH-1 play a provided fire support for ground forces, escorted transport helicopters and other roles.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • Israeli Air Force - AH-1F Cobra, IDF, 1982.
  • US Army Air Force - AH-1F, "THE ROAD WARRIOR" 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry.

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  • basic tandem cockpit tube, two seats 
  • collective, sticks (gunner and pilots’)
  • two instrument panels with raised bezels
  • gunsight and rear bulkhead  
  • chin mounted 20mm three-barreled cannon in M97A4 universal turret
  • These are the (two of each) 7-round 2.75 in (70 mm) M158 rocket launcher
  • M261 19-Tube 70mm (2.75”) rocket launcher
  • BGM-71A 4-round TOW missile launcher.

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s;

  • 11 Metallic Silver
  • 53 Metallic Gun metal
  • 93 Matt Desert Yellow
  • 118 Matt US Tan
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HBB87224 AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopter

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