Italeri 1346 HH-60J U.S.Coast Guard

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The Sikorsky HH-60J "Jayhawk" was identified by the United States Coast Guard -  replacing the old and glorious HH-3F Pelican  - for search and rescue, maritime patrols, and environmental protection missions.  The "Jayhawk" is basically and directly derived from the robust, flexible and highly reliable SH-60 Seahawk used in a huge number by the United States Navy and embarked on all major units of the fleet. The HH-60J Jayhawk is able to fly a crew of four people, in addition to other 6 additional people on board. The HH-60J is normally based on land but it can be also based on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutters. Thanks to its main powerplant, formed by 2 General Electric T700 gas turbines able to provide 1,410 Kw each, the “Jayhawk” is able to reach a maximum speed of 330 Km/h and a cruiser speed of 250 Km/h.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U.S.Coast Guard HH-60J - No.6025.
  • U.S.Coast Guard HH-60J - No.6012.
  • U.S.Coast Guard HH-60J - No.6039.


  • Lang; 274 mm.
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Italeri 1346 HH-60J U.S.Coast Guard

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