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The Boeing Vertol YHC-1B was first flown on 28 April 1961; five pre-production and 24 production HC-1Bs (redesignated CH-47A in 1962) were ordered, and the type named Chinook. Introduced into the Vietnam theatre, they built up an impressive reputation and from 1967 improved CH-47B and C models were delivered. The C model had upgraded engines and an extra cargo hook. In 1980 the RAF received their first Chinook HC1s and soon afterwards these, and many other CH-47s around the world, were retrofitted with composite glass fibre rotor blades. CH-47C production totalled 270, these followed by the much upgraded D model for the U.S. Army and other customers, including the RAF which received the modified HC2 version. For some years the U.S. Army had also been developing earlier Chinook models as Special Operations Aircraft (SOA), a later model being the CH-47D SOA, with enhanced capabilities, of which 12 were delivered. From this was developed the longer range MH-47D, featuring a large in-flight refuelling probe, a longer nose with weather radar, a FLIR turret, prominent SATCOM (Satellite Communications) antennae and several upgrades to its avionics systems. For the SOA role, the U.S. Army wanted a machine with enhanced reliability and other capabilities, especially longer operational range; they required a Chinook which could carry out a five hour deep penetration clandestine mission over a 553km (300 mile) radius. 25 earlier model CH-47Cs were converted to MH-47E standards, the most obvious airframe changes including the much larger long range composite fuel tanks each side of the fuselage, the nose radar, a FLIR turret, a refuelling probe similar to the MH-47D and the APQ-174 mapping and terrain-following radar pod. Fitted internally are auxiliary fuel tanks and a cargo handling system, plus a pair of 7.62mm (0.30in.) M137 miniguns. For the rescue role a winch pod is fitted; the mini guns and refuelling boom are optional fits. The first of 25 MH-47Es was flown on 1 June 1990 and the type entered service solely with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell, Kentucky from 1994. In 1995 the Royal Air Force ordered eight Chinook HC3s for Special Forces operations and search and rescue duties; the airframe is based on the CH-47 SD but with the forward fuselage and the long range tanks similar to the MH-47E. As with the MH-47E, the in-flight refuelling probe, rescue hoist and minigun armament are optional fits. Power plants (MH-47E): two Textron Lycoming 3,047KW T55-L-714 turboshafts; HC3 similar. 2Fuselage length (not including IFR probe):15.88m (52ft 1in.). Overall length (rotors turning): 30.14m (98ft 11in.) Rotor diameter: 18.27m (60ft). Height (rotors turning): 5.73m (18ft 9in.)

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Boeing MH-47E Chinook, 160th Special Operations Aviaton Regiment "Night Stalkers", Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA, 1998.
  • Boeing Chinook HC Mk.3, Royal Air Force, 2004.

Aantal onderdelen; 209 stuks.

  • Lang; 272 mm.
  • rotordiameter; 252 mm.
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