Revell 05094 Charles W.Morgan "Historic Waling ship" 1:110

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Charles W.Morgan "Historic Waling ship"  

The wooden whaling ship "Charles W. Morgan" is the only remaining ship of her type and nowadays lies at anchor as a museum ship in Connecticut, USA. The ship that first went into service in 1841 in New Bedford, USA had covered many sea miles and caught more whales than any other whaler of her period. She returned from her maiden voyage after three and a half years laden with sufficient whale oil and bones to cover her building costs. During 80 years in service the Charles W. Morgan carried 21 captains on a total of 37 voyages lasting from 9 months to over 5 years. She was retired from service at the collapse of the American whaling industry in 1921.

Schaal 1:110

Aantal onderdelen; 271.

  • Lengte; 400 mm 
  • Hoogte; 306 mm


  • Deck with wooden structure
  • Structural details on halves of hull
  • Detailed deck superstructures
  • Two anchors
  • Extended whale flenching stage
  • 7 pinnaces
  • Masts with yards
  • Sails with rigging
  • Tackle for running and standing gear
  • Display stand

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