Revell 05113 U.S.S. Bon Homme Richard 1:132

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The USS "Bon Homme Richard" was originally a merchantman with the French East India Company, which voyaged between Europe and Asia under the name "Duc de Duras". On 4th February 1779 King Louis XVI handed over the ship to the USA. John Paul Jones, henceforward the captain of the ship, had her converted into a frigate and named in honour of Benjamin Franklin's "Bon Homme Richard". The flag ship of the Continental Navy achieved fame in the battle off Flamborough Head on 23rd September 1779. After a stubborn fight with the English "HMS Serapis", which had initial superiority, with a strategic manoeuvre, Jones succeeded in putting her out of action. Despite all efforts to save the "Bon Homme Richard" she sank. However Jones's victory caused the French crown to continue supporting the former British colony. Although it is assumed that the ship went down in about 30 metres of water off Flamborough Head (Yorkshire), the wreck has never been found.

Schaal 1:132
Aantal onderdelen; 341

  • Lang; 590 mm.
  • Hoog; 455 mm.


  • Includes 14 figures
  • Decks with wooden texture
  • Structural halves of hull
  • Detailed deck superstructures
  • Anchor
  • Rowing boat
  • Artillery pieces
  • Multipart masts with yards
  • Shrouds
  • Textured sails
  • Rigging yarn for standing and running gear
  • Decals
  • Decorated display stand

Revell verf kleur nr.'s; 17 / 89 / 94 / 301 / 302 / 371 / 381 / 382.

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Revell 05113 U.S.S. Bon Homme Richard 1:132

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