Revell 05100 U-Boot TYPE VII C/41 "Atlantic Version"

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Starting mid-1943, 91 u-boots Type VII C/41 have been launched. By then, the conditions of the battle had totally changed. The "wolfpack tactic" achieved then seldom positive results against better protected convoys, especially with the introduction of air umbrellas. With the aim of a better defence when surfaced, the Type VII C/41 u-boots were fitted with a modified, larger bridge called "large wintergarten (winter garden)" armed with two 20 mm flakzwillings and one automatic 37 mm M42U flakkanone, which are reproduced with precision in the kit. A swivelling snorkel mast (also swivelling in the kit) for fresh air and fume exhaust, and four pressure boxes with 5-man floats were additional typical of these boats. The use of better steel sheets allowed the maximum depth to reach 250 metres.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U 292 - 1.U-Flottille, Brest, 1944.
  • U 318 - 13.U-Flottille, Narvik, 1945.
  • U 998 - 5.U-Flottille, Kiel, 1943.
  • U 1004 - 31.U-Flottille, Hamburg, 1944.

Aantal onderdelen; 107.

Maten;  Lengte  467 mm.


  • Deck version with "large winter garden"
  • Detailed conning tower with railing
  • Detailed reproduction of the deck planking
  • Swivelling snorkel mast
  • "Atlantic" bow and modified upper middle hull section
  • Detailed 20 mm flakzwillings
  • Highly detailed 37 mm automatic flak gun
  • Reproduction of the 4 pressure boxes on the upper deck
  • Super detailed reproduction of the hull, with rivets and welding seams
  • Flood slits imitation
  • Detailed conning tower
  • Detailed rudder and propellers
  • Periscope to be installed in various positions, including up and down
  • Boathooks
  • Display stand

Revell kleuren; 5 9 15 57 69 76 77 79 90 91 92 302 330 364

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Revell 05100 U-Boot TYPE VII C/41 "Atlantic Version"

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