Revell 05213 Harbour Tug Boat Fairplay I, III, X

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Harbour Tug Boat Fairplay I, III, X

When ships arrive at their port of destination with thousands of nautical miles of ocean behind them, they still have the difficult part ahead. This is where the harbour tugs come into play, as they manoeuvre the huge ships safely into dock. The Fairplay Shipping Company of Hamburg has stationed many of its tugboats in ports around Europe for exactly this task. This tugboat company was founded in 1905 and is steeped in tradition. Amongst others, it has the sister ships Fairplay I stationed in Rotterdam, Fairplay III in Antwerp and Fairplay X in Hamburg. The two engines each deliver 1850 kilowatts of power and are paired with two Z-drives, where the steering and propeller are housed in a 360 ° rotating assembly, giving the ships optimum power and manoeuvrability. The bridge is laid out as a high-standing glass structure in order to guarantee optimal all-round visibility for safe conduct through narrow harbour areas. The bollard pull value for this type of tugboat is 70 tons.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Fairplay I, Antwerper, 2013.
  • Fairplay III, Rotterdam, 2013.
  • Fairplay X, Hamburg, 2013.


  • Lang; 179 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 103.


  • New Mould
  • Two-piece hull
  • All-round Fenders
  • Detailed deck fittings
  • Rubber dinghy
  • Authentically reproduced bridge
  • Detailed radar mast
  • Z-Drive
  • Towing winch
  • Display stand

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Revell 05213 Harbour Tug Boat Fairplay I, III, X

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