Italeri 6446 2,5 ton.DUKW 353 landingsvaartuig

Réf. article: Italeri 6446



This large triple shaft amphibian vehicle was developed during the 2nd World War for the American armed forces. The aim was to build a vehicle to supply ammunition, food and materials - stored in the holds of transport ships - to invading troops occupying beachheads on enemy soil immediately after landing. The DUKW offered good navigating qualities and could move well off-road too, which, combined with its high load capacity, enabled it to perform its logistic role to the full. In the post-war years, it was widely used by USA's allies all the way through to the 70s, including civil protection assignments.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U.S.Army, Garda Lake, Italy 1945.
  • U.S.M.C., Iwo Jima, februari 1945. 

Afmeting: L. 241 mm

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