HBB83510 PLAN Type 039A Yuan Class SSG Submarine

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The Type 039A submarine (Nato code name Yuan class) is the newest class of diesel-electric submarine in the People's Liberation Army Navy. This class was first launched at Wuhan Shipyard and is the successor of the Type 039 Song class.

The Yuan class inherits the tail design of the Type 039 (NATO codename: Song class) with four diving planes and a single large shaft. The teardrop shaped hull and large sail suggest heavy Kilo influence. The teardrop shape also suggests a pressurized double hull design inherited from the Kilo. A pair of foreplanes are positioned in the middle of the sail. The submarine is equipped with indigenously developed cabin-raft (shock absorbers ) system that helped to reduce noise level by over 35dB. Additionally, the submarine is covered with rubber anti-sonar protection tiles to reduce the risk of detection.


  • Lang; 205.7 mm.
  • Breed; 25 mm.

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 11 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 22 / 33 / 116 / 128 / 155 / 177.

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HBB83510 PLAN Type 039A Yuan Class SSG Submarine

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