Revell 05093 German U-Boot TYPE VII C

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The type VII C was the best known and most frequently built German submarine in the Second World War. Equipped with four front and one rear torpedo the VII C was a feared weapon that formed the backbone of the Battle of the Atlantic. Thistype is an impressive representative of the rise and fall of the German submarine forces.

This highly detailed model kit captivates by virtue of its hull with textured rivets and welds, its authentic vents and deck details. 29 individual parts provide an authentic reproduction of the power plant, net cutter, periscope and armaments

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U-81, Mediterranian Sea, early 1942
  • U-96, Atlantic Ocean, 1940-1943
  • U-552, North Atlantic, 1942

Afmeting:Lengte. 192 mm.
Aantal onderdelen; 48

Revell verf:  2 69 77 79 90 91 92 302 330 364 371 374

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Revell 05093 German U-Boot TYPE VII C

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