Heller 81085 Scharnhorst

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                                '' Scharnhorst '' 

The Scharnhorst was ordered on january 25, 1943 to the Wilhelmshaven ship construction yard, to replace the ELSASS. Initially designed for 18.000tons, she was extanded to 28.000tons then to 31.800tons ,She was commissioned on january 7 ,1939. The naval epos of the Scharnhorst,wich has been often parallely conducted with that of the Gneisenau, started under the command of Captain Zilliax and Captian Hoffmann. She took part in numerous fights in the North Atlantic Ocean where on november 27,1939 she sunk the English cruiser HMS Rawalpindi. She took part in the Weserubung operation parrelely to the Narvik Battle Norway , in april 1940. In june 1940 she was fighting against English transports in the june operation. The English aircraft carrier Glorious was sunk along with two Destroyers. Also in june 1940, damaged by the Ark Royal airplanes, the Scharnhorst came back to kiel. Successivly, she took part in the war against troop transportation and ennemy convoys in the North Atlantic Ocean ,during wich she sunk numerous merchant ships. Landing in Brest.

Aantal onderdelen: 307


  •  Lengte 565 mm 
  •  Breedte 82 mm 
  •  Hoogte 145 mm

Humbrol verf :

  • 12 Metallic Copper
  • 27 Matt Dark Sea Grey
  • 33 Matt Black
  • 34 Matt White
  • 53 Metallic gunmetal
  • 56 Metallic Aluminium
  • 71 Satin Oak
  • 73 Matt Wine
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Heller 81085 Scharnhorst

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