Heller 81076 Sous-marin LAUBIE ex Kriegsmarine U-766

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U-766 was launched in Wilhemshaven on 29 May 1943, and was commissioned on 30 July 1943 under the command Oberleutnant Hans-Dietrich Wilke. She was part of the8th U-boat Flotilla for training until 29 February 1944, when she was transferred to the frontline in the 6th U boat flotilla.

She sailed five uneventful patrols.

She was de-commissioned a tLa Rochelle on 24 August 1944, and was surrendered on 8 May 1945.

In May 1945 U-766 was transferred to France and brought into French service under captain Brunet. She was in a poor shape, and pieces of U-415  were used to repair her. In the process, she was also fitted with a snorkel. Her trials were accomplished by a mostly German crew composed of war prisoners, with Wilke acting as first officer.

U-766 was commissioned in 1946 as Laubie (pennant number S610), in honour of Louis Labie, an engineer killed in the wreck of the submarine Protée. Laubie was transferred to Toulon. On 17 July 1950, Laubie was accidentally rammed by the frigate Surprise as she was emerging. She managed to surface and return to Casablanca with a heavily damaged sail.In 1956, Laubie took part in naval operations of the Suez crisis as a backup to Créole. On 2 May 1960, Laubie was again rammed, this time by the liner Ville de Marseille, off Algiers. Her stern was damaged over 9 metres. She sustained one last accident in September 1961, when she collided with Espadon at periscope depth. Severely damaged, Laubie was decommissioned, and broken up in 1963 

Vier versie's mogelijk;

Marine Nationale, 1947 - 1961

  • LAUBIE, Casablanca October 1946.
  • LAUBIE, Toulon 1947.
  • LAUBIE, 1948.
  • LAUBIE, 1950.

Aantal onderdelen; 28.
-Lang; 168 mm.
-Breed; 16 mm.

Humbrol verf kleuren; 16 / 30 / 33 / 53 / 85 / 103 / 127.

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Heller 81076 Sous-marin LAUBIE ex Kriegsmarine U-766

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