Airfix 04212 H.M.S.BELFAST

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her Battle Honours are North Cape 1943, Arctic 1943, Normandy 1944 and Korea 1950-53. Here fame includes being one of the largest cruisers in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, taking part in the last capital ship action in the history of the Royal Navy and the first warship since HMS Victory to the preserved by the nation. HMS Belfast, now preserved and anchored in the Pool of London began life in 1936 when, as sister ship to HMS Endinburgh, she was laid down at Harland & Wolffs shipyard as an Edinburgh Class cruiser. Lauched by Mrs.Neville Chamberlain, wife of the Prime Minister on March 17, 1938, HMS Belfast was commissioned on August 5, 1939. With war declared the following month, the ship found herself operating from Scapa Flow with the 18th Cruiser Squadron until November 21 when a German magnetic mine exploded breaking the cruiser`s back and laying her up for a major reconstruction in Devonport for two years. Recommissioned in November 1942. Belfast undertook Arctic convoy protecion duties and in December 1943 with HMS Norlfolk, Jamaica, Duke of York, Sheffield and attendant destroyers, sank the German battle ship Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape. For the invasion of Normandy in june 1944, Belfast became the flagship of the commander, Force E. Following a refit the ship sailed for the Far East for operations against Japan but with that country`s surrender. Belfast became Far East Flagship of the 5th Cruiser Squadron. The Yangste incident, the Malayan emergency and in 1950 the Korean War, kept the ship fully occupied, HMS Belfast final refit took place between 1956 and 1959, the ship being paid off into reserve on August 24th, 1963. Armament following her reconstruction in 1942, consisted of 12 × 6in guns in four turrets, 12 × 4in HA in six turrrets, 16 × 2pdr pom-poms in two mounting, 10 × 20mm Oerlikon guns in five mountings, and eight single Oerlikons around catapult deck. Complement was 881 officers and men, Two Walrus amphibians were carried up to june 1943. Maximum dispacement was over 15.000 tons. Maximum speed 31.4 knots.  

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  • HMS Belfast.

Aantal onderdelen: 250


  • Lengte 311mm
  • Hoogte 35mm

verf Tabel voor deze bouwdoos van : Humbrol , Model Master , Revell

  • 11 Metallic Silver        = MM1780  / REV90
  • 27 Matt Sea Grey
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  • 33 Matt Black             = MM1749  / REV 8
  • 34 Matt White            = MM1768  / REV 5
  • 55 Metallic Bronze      =               / REV95
  • 64 Matt Light Grey      = MM1731  / REV75
  • 70 Matt Brick Red
  • 71 Satin Oak              =              / REV314
  • 96 Matt RAF Bleu

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Airfix 04212 H.M.S.BELFAST

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