Heller 52902 Queen Mary 2

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She is the superlative passenger liner. At 150,000 GRT, the Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest and most magnificent passenger liners every built. With a length of 345 m and a height of 72 m she even surpasses the Statue of Liberty. 2,620 passengers, served by a crew of 1,253, are accommodated on 14 stylish and luxuriously appointed passenger decks. With her long and elegant hull and powerful engines (max. 29 knots) she is specially designed to make the transatlantic crossing from Europe (Southampton) to North America (New York) in 6 days. The concept for this transatlantic liner was created in May 1998. In November 2000, after two years development, the contract was awarded to a French shipyard and she was transferred to the Cunard Line in December 2003.

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  • Queen Mary 2

Aantal onderdelen; 239. 


  • Lang 239 mm 
  • Breed 58 mm.


  • 12Xverf
  • Lijm
  • Penceel
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