Revell 05116 H.M.S. TIGER C20

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"Her Majesty's Ship"

The H.M.S. Tiger was in service with the Royal Navy as a helicopter cruiser until 1978. The origin of this ship dates back to the Second World War. She was laid down in 1941 as a light cruiser of the Minotaur Class. Construction was halted during the war and she was not launched until 1945. After the war ended the design was thoroughly reviewed so that she did not go into service until 1959. Due to the increasing submarine threat during the cold war, H.M.S. Tiger was converted to a helicopter cruiser in 1968-72. A helicopter deck with hangar replaced the after cannon. This enabled 4 helicopters to be stationed on the ship.

  • Waterline hull
  • Detailed decks with superstructures
  • True-to-original radar equipment
  • Helicopter deck
  • 6 lifeboats and tenders
  • 1 helicopter
  • Authentic decals

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • HMS TIGER C 20, Royal Navy.


  • Lang; 245 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 75.
Revell kleuren; 5 / 9 / 48 / 75 / 79.

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Revell 05116 H.M.S. TIGER C20

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