Revell 06659 Slave 1 STAR WARS War Game

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After an extensive refit the Slave I, a former patrol craft of the Firespray Class, served up until the Clone Wars as a transport for the bounty hunter Jango Fett. After his death his son Boba Fett, also a bounty hunter, used the Slave I, which had again been modified and completely repainted, in order to track down and capture his quarry. Boba Fett's Slave I, in which the icebound Han Solo was also transported, now has holding cells, a dedicated tracking system, much improved deflector shields, a massive Class 1 hyperdrive engine and numerous well concealed weapons systems. A particular feature of this starship is its vertical flight even at a speed fully comparable to that of the Y-wing fighter. Although the Slave I appears antiquated, Boba Fett rebuilt and improved the craft originally developed by Kuat Systems Engineering to suit his needs. This included the extensive armament, including twin blaster cannon, ion cannon, tractor beam projector and proton torpedoes. Its illegal sensor-masking and jamming systems enabled the Slave 1 to slip undetected through closely meshed sensor grids.

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Afmetingen; Lengte.246 mm / Breed.102 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 33 stuks + 1 Figuur

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Revell 06659 Slave 1 STAR WARS War Game

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