Zvezda 6192 BLITZKRIEG 1940 World War II

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Historical Wargame
Art of Tactic expansion pack, based in the 1940's German Campaign in France. Curiously no French troops are depicted, just the British expeditionary force. The most interesting for us are the five 1/72 items for British troops,which includes QF-2Pdr gun team, Vickers team, Mortar team, British Infantry and British Command. These nice items were announced to be released also as independent small boxes, what we hope occurs soon (except the command group). The German regular infantry 1939-1945 is also a new one, also expected in a small box.  


  • 21 British and German Units
  • 1 Set of Fortifications
  • 8 Smoke Markers
  • 2 Fire Markers
  • 6 Double-sided Game Boards
  • 30 Double-sided Terrain Hexes
  • 6 Elevation Hexes
  • 21 Unit Cards
  • 4 Ground Cards
  • 4 Minefield Cards
  • 2 Store Cards
  • 10 Dice
  • 2 Water-based Markers
  • 3 Sets of Decals
  • Game Rules
  • Scenario Booklet
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Zvezda 6192 BLITZKRIEG 1940 World War II

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