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This famous WWII M3 Grant medium battle tank was a result of crisis managementand no tank in history went from design to production faster. The "Grant" was the British version of the M3 tank which then became known as the M3 "Lee". The main difference between the two was the top turret. 

The British design hd a lower profile and incorporated a "bustle" at the back for the communications gear. This enabled the Grant to require one less crew member to operate. The M3 Grant saw service mainly in the African Desert. 

Academy has added new tooling to this version of the M3. The exceptionally molded hull is loaded with rivet detail, studded along the entire body, and the early version of the VVSS (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension) is a joy to behold. Side armor skirts, and the famous lower/wider 37mm Grant turret are "spot on", and the modeler has a choice of assembling a long or short barreled 75mm gun. Build the kit with hatched closed of open to reveal amazing, minute features. The interior detail is almost "too real", including a rack of individual, 75mm artillery rounds. The beautifully molded one-piece flexible track and crisp, accurate decals add to the impressiveness of this new release, that deserves pride-of-place in any armor collection. 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Royal Army, North Africa, 1943 "ATLANTA II".
  • Royal Army, 8th Army, El Alamein, 1942.

  • Highly detailed late hull, suspension and armour
  • Full interior
  • Open or closed various hatches
  • One-piece flexible tracks
  • Various accessories
  • Accurately reconstructed 75mm main gun mounted on the upper hull and Royal Army type 37mm turret 
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Academy 13212 M3 GRANT

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