ACD13405 M998 I.E.D. GUN TRUCK "Improvised Explosive Devices"

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Without any doubt, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) and its 15 variants are the most versatile military transport ever devised. Designed in the against a US Army requirement, the basic design was to replace the old M-151 MUTT. Teledyne Continental, Chrysler Defense and AM General all submitted proposals, of which the AM General was selected for development. All vehicles in the series are 1.25ton, 4 Wheel-Drive units powered by V-8 Diesel engines. There are two-man and four-man soft tops available; a full cargo area soft top is often seen when used for cargo or troop transport. The troop carrier version accommodates a two-man crew and eight soldiers in the rear area on removable bench seats. Its payload is 1,134 kilograms or 2,500 pounds. With reinforced side armoring and improved parts installing, M998 IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) committed to 2003 IRAQ War due to the fact of upgraded defensive efficiency and currently performing variety duties as a light-transportation main force of USA Army.

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  • U.S.Army - Najaf Iraq, August 2003. 


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  • Detailed suspension and engine 
  • Vinyl tires

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ACD13405 M998 I.E.D. GUN TRUCK "Improvised Explosive Devices"
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