HBB82354 ZBN 04 IFV

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                                 ZBN 04 IFV

The ZBD-04 is the tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) developed for the PLA in the late 1990s. The vehicle features a Russian BMP-3-style turret armed with a 100mm main gun and a coaxial 30mm cannon. The vehicle was designed to provide protected transport for an infantry squad on the battlefield; to provide fire support for dismounted infantry, and to engage enemy tanks and armoured vehicles. The ZBD-04 is currently equipped by the amphibious mechanised divisions in South Military Region. An armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) variant was also developed. 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • PLA ARMY - 2007
  • Chinese People Army.


  • Lang; 218.5 mm
  • Breed; 100.5 mm
  • Hoog; 82.1 mm

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HBB82354 ZBN 04 IFV
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