Italeri 292 M997 HEMTT "OSHKOSH"

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The M-977 HEMTT, also known under the name “OSHKOSH” was developped for the US-Army in the Seventies. It is designated as heavy, reliable truck for the supplies of front line fighting units with fuel, ammunition and other logistical needs. This sophisticated 4-axle truck with large diameter wheels is able to negotiate difficult terrain with full load and at high speed. The truck is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic crane. Many versions have been designed: fuel tank, recovery vehicle and a tractor version for semitrailers.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U.S.Army - Saudi Arabia, 1991.
  • U.S.Army - Germany, 1993. 

Aantal onderdelen: 218 


  • Lengte 280 mm.
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Italeri 292 M997 HEMTT "OSHKOSH"

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