Airfix A02320 Sherman Crab

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Thus, the "Crab" version emerged: it was a "mine hunter" which had two metal arms in front of the tank and connected by a cylinder. Around this cylinder, long strings touching the ground were attached. 

In contact with anti-personal or anti-tank mines, the chains would action the explosion which would not destroy any part of the Sherman tank. The tank was than able to continue its mission within the minefield. 

The Sherman "Crab" tank is one of the "Funnies", a nickname given to the armored vehicles invented by the British engineer Percy Hobbart. 

Een uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Britse leger, 79th Armoured Division, Operation Overlord, Gold Beach, Normandië, Frankrijk, Juni 1944.

Aantal onderdelen: 72


  • Lengte 120mm
  • Breedte 48mm

Humbrol verf nr:

  • 53 Metallic gunmetal
  • 86 Mat Light Olive
  • 113 Mat Rust 

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Airfix A02320 Sherman Crab

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