Pegasus 7672 BA-6 Soviet Armored Car

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"1940 - 1945"

By 1935, the GAZ factory mastered the production of the domestic three-axle automobile GAZ-AAA. The Izhorskij factory quickly developed a new BA-6 armored car based on this automobile. The hull, turret, and the location of ammunition, joints and equipment were essentially unchanged from those of its predecessor.

The only visual distinction that identified the new car was the absence of a rear door, rear observation windows and a running board in the rear part of the hull. Also, the rear track increased to 1600 mm (for BA-3 it was 1585 mm); the distance between the front axle and the center of the suspension decreased to 3200 mm (vs. 3220 of BA-3); the distance between the rear axles was shorted as well, from 1016 mm (for the BA-3) to 940 mm. The new armored car was the first to use bullet-resistant tires GK (porous inner tube), filled with porous rubber.

Due to stricter weight control the mass of the car decreased to 5.12 tons without compromising any of the technical parameters. Between 1936 and 1938 the Izhorskij factory produced 386 BA-6 armored cars.

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Pegasus 7672 BA-6 Soviet Armored Car

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