Revell 03103 LEOPARD 2A4

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The first Leopard 2 battle tank built by Krauss Maffei were delivered to the German Army at the end of 1978. With its excellent manoeuvrability, superior fire power and outstanding handling the Leopard outperforms all other battle tanks and is in use in many countries. Crew: 4 men: weapons: 120mm gun, one 7.62mm MG and one 7.62mm FlaMG: engine power: 1500hp: speed: 72km/h.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • 2.Kompanie/Panzerbataillon 84, Manoever ":Light Viper":, D 1993.

  • 2.Kompanie/Panzerbataillon 24, D (Bergen) 1990. :


Aantal onderdelen: 99.

afmeting: Lengte 105 mm.


  • Movable turret

  • 120mm gun

  • Mounted MG

  • Detailed drive wheels and rollers

  • Seperate hatches

Revell verf: 6 65 84 :

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Revell 03103 LEOPARD 2A4

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