Revell 03226 M19 U.S.Army Tank Transporter 1:76

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Between 1941 and 1945 about 6,554 of the M19 tank transporter were built to British specifications by the Diamond T Motor Car Company. The USA and the Soviet Union also used these vehicles. The combination of M20 tractor and 40/45 ton Rogers M9 trailer was capable of transporting all tanks then in use, so that even 30 years after the war these vehicles were still in service with western armies including the German army.


Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • U.S.Army, 10th Armoured Division, France - Belgium 1944.
  • British Army, unknown unit, Western Front, 1944-1945.
  • Bundeswehr, 1956 unknown unit.
  • Israel, 7th Armoured Division up to mid 1970':s.

Aantal onderdelen: 140.

afmeting: :Lengte. 211 mm.


  •  :Diorama plate with tyre tracks
  •  :Movable ramps
  •  :2 driver figures

Revell verf: 9 66 87

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Revell 03226 M19 U.S.Army Tank Transporter 1:76

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