Revell 85-1442 Plymouth 426 Hemi Cuba motor

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The mighty 426 HEMI engine was arguably the most feared and legendary power plant to appear in the muscle car era. Available only until 1971, emissions standards forced it into obsolescence; it possessed an astonishing 425 hp with 490 foot-pounds of torque. Standard on the HEMI 'Cuda was a 'shaker' fully functional air scoop. Aptly named as it was mounted directly to the engine - poking up through a hole in the hood and thus "shaked" when the engine did. The relatively high cost of the HEMI engine option, nearly a third of the base model cost, meant low production numbers. Today the rarity of these cars with HEMI engines and collector interest in them has commanded incredible price appreciation with private sales reportedly occurring at over a million dollars!

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Revell 85-1442 Plymouth 426 Hemi Cuba motor

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