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July 1955 saw the launch of the most beautiful Volkswagen of all times and which made Karmann a household name throughout the world. Designed by Luigi Segre, chief of the Turin based Ghia styling studios, and based on the engine and chassis of the export version of the VW 1200, the Type 14 received its body from Karmann who handled the assembly as well. The Karmann Ghia offered neither extreme driving performance nor above-average handling characteristics. Its 1200cc rear boxer engine gave it a top speed of only 118 km/h. Other properties, including low maintenance costs and repair-friendliness, were far more impressive. The softly rounded body shape and the interior equipment appealed especially to sports car enthusiasts. At the same time, its entrance arrangements and single seat were more comfortable than on a Porsche. The type 14 was quite unique: it survived its successor, the type 34, by five years and was produced from 1955 to 1974. From 1957, the company also offered a convertible version of the type 14.

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  • Lang; 261 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 202


  • Detailed 4-cylinder boxer engine and gearbox
  • Ignition coil, two air filter versions, distributor
  • Blower housing and detailed carburettor
  • Detailed dual exhaust system
  • Detailed under body
  • Independent wheel suspension
  • Detailed interior
  • Steerable front axle
  • Movable seat backs
  • Gearshift lever and hand-brake control
  • Interior rear-view mirror with sun visor
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Typical Karmann steering wheel
  • Hinged doors
  • Detailed interior door moulding
  • Openable boot lid and bonnet
  • Chrome-plated wheel caps, trim, outside mirrors, door handles, window cranks and bumpers
  • Spare wheel with jack and spanner
  • Real rubber tyres

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