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MINI COOPER Mk. 1 (1964)

In 1956 Sir Alec Issigonis was commissioned to develop a small and economicalfamily car with space for four persons and their luggage. To achieve this he used a transverse front engine with the gearbox located under it. This completely new and absolutely revolutionary concept was an enormous space saver. Consequently every cm of room in the 3 m long MINI was used and the relation between size of interior and external dimensions was unique and unequalled. The sporty version of the MINI bore the name of the tuner John Cooper. With over 39,000 sold, the MINI Cooper Mk. 1, which delivered 55 hp and a top speed of 143 km/h, was the most successful Cooper variant.


  • Lang; 127 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 126

Features Mini Cooper 1964:

  • True-to-original bodywork with fine surface details
  • Separate movable bonnet
  • Multipart detailed 4-cylinder engine
  • Separate exhaust assembly
  • Detailed interior with dashboard, front seats and rear bench seat
  • Build as optional left or right hand drive
  • Movable wheels
  • Two optional front radiator versions to build
  • Various chrome parts including rims, door handles and lamps
  • Imitation rubber wheels
  • Instructions and authentic decals with different markings

MINI Cooper (modern, 2000)

The new MINI with its round headlamps, striking radiator grille and curved rear reflects the typical features of its English predecessor. This stylistic influence is also expressed in the interior, in particular in the very large speedometer and rev-counter. In this sporty three-door car, the characteristic design of its legendary ancestor makes a familiar, but at the same time a very modern impression. Ultra-modern technology and up-to-date comfort dominate the inner workings of the MINI, which is served by disc brakes, five speed gearbox and electronic stability programme. The 115 bhp Cooper has a 1.6 litre engine, front wheel drive and, as shown in the model, also has a chrome radiator grille.


  • Lang; 151 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 67

Features Mini Cooper Modern 2000:

  • One-piece body with fine surface details
  • Detailed interior with dashboard and seats
  • True-to-original reproduction wheel rims
  • Separate rubber tyres
  • Detailed chassis
  • Chrome parts such as wheel rims, reflectors and radiator grille
  • Authentic decals

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