REV07099 Ferrari F10

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Ferrari's 56th Formula 1 car with the internal code number 661 differs significantly from its predecessor. The red racer boasts, among other things, a reworked rear end, a longer wheelbase and differently shaped sidepods. Simply the 056 2.4 litre engine known from the previous year is being used again. The 2010 season revolved entirely around the close competition between Ferrari and the other three teams with an equal chance of clinching the title. The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso performed convincingly throughout and thanks to several podium places managed to secure himself a position among the leading six drivers quite early on. His team colleague Felipe Massa also delivered a solid performance, so much so that by the end of the 14th race he had already notched up 124 points.

  • True-to-original front and rear spoilers
  • Multi-part eight-cylinder engine
  • Detailed wheel suspensions
  • True-to-original underbody including diffuser
  • Authentic tyres and steerable wheels
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Separate F-duct parts
  • Authentic decals for the Ferrari F10 and both drivers in versions corresponding to Bahrain, Spain, Germany and Turkey


  • Lang; 215 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 96.
Revell kleuren; 4 / 7 / 9 / 34 / 90 / 91 / 99 / 330.

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REV07099 Ferrari F10

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